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'Group With' a Friend Requests

Parents please note that lots of children come to Gamesweek without knowing anyone on their first day. Our staff are prepared for this and will make sure they help children to settle in and meet other children from the moment they arrive. With so much excitement, even the most apprehensive children usually forget their worries very quickly.

Children are grouped by age so they will be with other children of a similar age.
We maintain ratios of 1:8 ages 5 - 7, 1:15 ages 8 - 15
If your child would like to be grouped with a friend we are happy to try to accommodate this. Please advise us by using the 'Group With Request' online at the time of booking. Alternatively note details on the back of the booking form or inform us by email or by calling our Gamesweek number.
Ensure the children concerned are booked onto the same week.
It is important that all parties are aware of and agree to the grouping.
Friends submitting a 'Group With Request' must be no more than one year (12 months) apart in age.
'Group With' a Friend Requests are for a maximum of three children.
We endeavour to honour all requests; however because of strict group sizes and group dynamics, we are unable to guarantee this.
We are unable to respond to "Group With" requests on the first day of the course.