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About Us

Over 20 Years of Experience

Gamesweek is a high quality provider of multi - activity courses for children aged 5 - 15 years. Gamesweek has been running for over 20 years delivering exciting fun filled activity courses for children in the school holidays.

Gamesweek is a family business founded in 1993 by husband and wife team Fred and Roz Dickinson. Fred is a Teacher of Physical Education at Newcastle Royal Grammar School and Roz is a qualified Teacher who is now a full time mum.

Gamesweek delivers a program of age specific activities in a safe and stimulating environment. By encouraging the children to build confidence they develop independence and have fun. We strive to create a positive, friendly, family atmosphere reflecting cultural and social diversity which is free from discrimination and welcoming to all children. Whatever the age of your child, Gamesweek is a fun place to be. Your children will easily make friends, enjoy doing activities and have a great time.

Gamesweek began as a vision of what we wanted for our own children; good quality care in the school holidays where they had fun, were physically active and could make new friends. They have grown up with Gamesweek and it has become a family affair. The children have all participated: the two eldest now work for us and the youngest two still take part. Our children have kept us in touch with what participants and parents want. As proprietors we are confident that your children (and ours) will be well cared for, well coached and will have fun.

In 1993 we started in Newcastle (at another venue) with a small field and gym and quickly established a large following. In 2001 we moved to the R.G.S. The outstanding facilities at the R.G.S. have seen our courses grow and the breadth of what we offer has increased. We try to provide more than sport. Our children have attended guides and scouts, drama, art and games clubs. We try to incorporate all of these (and some other) activities into our programs.


Gamesweek is excellent in all respects. I have full confidence in Mr. and Mrs. Dickinson and their staff. My children, over the years, have had marvellous care and experiences in the club.
I am very grateful to Gamesweek for the support it has given my children and my husband and I as working parents.
The organisation, arrangements, friendliness of the staff and facilities make this outstanding. We will definitely use this you again in future and recommend you to others.
I really like the instructors in red shirts. They are friendly and give the right amount of praise and instruction. The lunchtime clubs are well organised and there is something for everyone. It’s great!